Grave 1

Emanuel Solomon

0  – 0

...31 years
May his soul be bound in the bond of life eternal



...לא שנים

ת נ צ ב ה


Born 1801-6
Died 1835-7

Date of Birth
Assuming the headstone translation is correct and he was 31 when he died, and we accept the logic of date of death, he was born 1801-1806

Why was he in Bath
This is a mystery.
I have found an Emanuel Solomon born in Bristol 1818, dies n Bristol 1859. A potential relative?

Why is he buried in this part of the burial ground
An even bigger mystery.

I’m copying to Ann as FindmyPast has some different records on it and she may turn up something.

At the moment my working theory is:

Emanuel Solomon, Canterbury :
 Son born 22 February 1831 dies after 8 days, father Solomon (source Synagogue Scribes birth record)
 Son Solomon born 22 June 1832. Father  Solomon, mother Hannah (source Synagogue Scribes. Marriage and birth records are from 1831)

I can then trace Hannah in the 1841 census in Canterbury , with 3 children a daughter aged 14 (therefore born 1827) , a daughter aged 13 (therefore born 1828) , a son  Solomon aged 9 (therefore born 1832). So this very probably the correct Hannah. 1841 census does not record marriage status. But in the 1851 census Hannah is in the canterbury census as a widow and Alice is still living with here.  I can follow Hannah, Sarah, Alice and Solomon through in the census etc.  But no clues re parents. Hannah did not remarry, nor did Sarah and Alice. Solomon  married and  was a fish dealer and then marine dealer. 

 then found this in the Canterbury Chronicle, 13 January 1835. 
If this is our Emanuel Solomon, he is rich enough to afford a doctor.