Grave 102

Levy Zachariah

1768  – 1861

Although this tombstone is completely delaminated, it is likely to be the grave of Levi Zachariah. He was the maternal uncle of Elizabeth Simmonds who is buried in the adjacent grave number 102.  Levi was the brother of Elizabeth's mother Leah Zachariah. In the 1851 census he is recorded as living with Elizabeth and her sisters at their lodging house at 96 Hanover Street. He is aged 76, retired and blind. 

Levi died in March 1861 at 2 Hannover Street the then address of the Simmond sisters. The date of his death is compatible with the sequence of tombstones in this part of the burial ground. 
Prior to moving to Bath we believe the Levy was a importer and dealer in fancy goods living in London. 
Census records
  1851   96  Hanover Street   Bath
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