Grave 3

Deborah Solomon

1750  – 1833

Blessing of the Cohens 1
Deborah [Dvorah] wife of 
Rabbi Moshe RIP2 died on Monday of 
Sivan year 55933  buried on Tuesday..
.. Age 82 years
May her soul be bound up in the bond of life eternal

1 The words have the effect of 'May the Lord bless you'
2 An abbreviation 'ZL'
3 1833


אשה מרת דבורה אשת 

ר. משה זל נפטרה יום ב ב 

סיון תקצג ונקברה ביום ג . 

. . בת שנים ושמנים שנים 


DIED ??20 5593

The inscription on the tombstone tells us that Deborah was the wife of Moses who had predeceased her. Deborah died on 20 May 1833. Because she died before 1837 there are no birth, marriage or death records and it is difficult to research her life.

Although we cannot be sure, it is possible that her daughter was Ester or Hester Solomon who married George Goldsmid. It is possible that Deborah came to live with her daughter Hester in Bath after the death of husband Moses.  

According to the 1841 census, George and Hester had eight children the first born in  1823 in Waltham Abbey and a second in Cheltenham before they moved to Bath where their third child was born in 1826. One of their sons, born in Bath in 1829, was named Moses and a daughter born in 1833 was named Deborah.  These names fit with the Askenasi Jewish naming convention of naming children after their grandparents following their deaths.  

George was a dealer in clothes and the family lived at 2 Ladymead Walcot until they moved to Bermondsey sometime after 1846.