Grave 44

Isaac Goldhill

1787  – 1835

Here Lies
Great Teacher ...
... Isaac Nachum 
son of Morenu 
Yehuda Leib HaCohen 
Died on Sabbath and buried the next day 
Sunday 27 Nissan 5595 aged 48

הה התו אשר .. ...'ו הי
נהנה מ..ועבפו בה יצהק נהום
במוהר. יחודאל ליב הכהן
יפטר םיום שק ונקבר למיהר ת.
בן אריים ישמנ. שנר


We know from Isaac Goldhill's will that he was a sponge dealer, that he was married and that he had two sons. Jacob was born in 1810 and Samson (Samuel) born in 1817, both were born in Poland. The family lived in London. 

We do not know why Isaac came to Bath but it was probably for health reasons as his will, which he made in Bath in April 1835,  records him as being 'in an indifferent state of bodily health'.

Because Isaac died before 1837 he is more difficult to research; there is no death certificate so we do not know where he was living in Bath when he died or the cause of death.

Two of his descendants, one in London and one in Melbourne have recently made contact with us. 
Isaac's son Samson/Samuel continued to live in London and in 1836 married Matilda Moss at the Hambro Synagogue. Samuel was also a sponge dealer. He and Matilda had 8 children.  Samuel was a committee member of Hambro Synagogue. Matilda died in London in 1882  and Samuel died in London in 1889. 

Four of their sons, John and Albert, and Benjamin and Isaac carried on the family business importing sponges. Their businesses were registered  at 17 and 124 Houndsditch, London. In the 1880s in London there were eight Sponge Merchants of whom five were Jewish and 49 Sponge Manufactures of whom 13 were Jewish. So the brothers would have been well known and prosperous. 

There is no trace of Isaac's oldest son Jacob.