Grave 58

0 – 0

Only the top right quarter of this stone remains. 
In the Hebrew can be seen 'woman' then two letters probably M & R which might be Miriam.
Next line is - wife of Mr and possibly A.
Next line is - died day 
Next line the beginning of the word 'day'
Last line could be the word 'year'.



This fragment was found inside the table tomb of Joseph Sigmond when it was renovated in October 2020, but there is no explanation as to why it was there except possibly it had originally been nearby, had snapped and the remains were later put inside the table tomb.

We cannot even be certain if it marks the burial of a person. The inscription is not meaningful either in English or Hebrew. The partial word 'POSITIED' might be DEPOSITED but this is a very strange word to choose for headstone.

The stone is very fragile and friable. If anyone can help with a proper petrological analysis it would be quite helpful in trying to establish if this was in fact a tomb, or maybe a masons' exercise in lettering.