Grave 69

Samuel Aaron

1835  – 1881

Here lies
A man honest and upright 
Mr Samuel son of Mr Simcha Dov  
aged 46 years at his death on the first of the month Adar 11
in the year (5)643 
May his soul be bound up in the bond of life eternal

איש תם וישר
ר שמואל בן ר שמחה דוב
בן מו שנה במתו
בראש חדש אדר שני
שנת תרמא

IN ..

Samuel was born in Norwich, to Simon and Hannah Aaron. He had two bothers and a sister. 

By 1851 Samuel, unmarried, was living in Torquay with his widowed mother (his father having died in 1844) and two unmarried brothers Rueben and Maurice. All three are listed as Jewellers. 

In 1853 Samuel married Kate Reuben who was born and lived in Dover. They lived  in Torquay and  had three children, Louisa born in 1854, Rachel  in 1854, and Simeon Reuben Aaron born in Newton Abbot in 1868. 

The 1856 Kelly's directory for Torquay listing the Aaron Brothers, Goldsmiths and Jewellers at 4 Torwood Road. However, Maurice had died in 1855 and Reuben  two years later.  Perhaps this is why Samuel made his will in Torquay in 1962? Or perhaps his health was poor?

Samuel's will gives his address as 14 Strand . Samuel is listed as an Artillery Volunteer in 1871 and still listed as a resident of Torquay in March 1873. Soon after,  in May 1873  Samuel and his  family, including his mother, had  moved to Bath, when the Bath Chronicle advertised 'The shop no 6 Broad Street lately carried on by Helier and Lewis, is now opened by Aaron from Torquay'. Their daughter Louisa also advertised in June 1873  as a 'Professor of Piano Forte' and the paper carries many reports of her piano concerts at the Pump Room, commenting on her 'graceful execution and skilful execution'. 

Samuel died at 6  Broad St, Bath in 1881. The cause of death is 'malignant tumour on the neck'. His son Simeon Reuben Aaron was present at his death. His personal estate was valued at less than £300.
After her husband's death in 1881, Kate  took on the lease at 6 Broad Street for the yearly rent of £50 ( just over £6,000 today) advertising as a Dealer in Antique Plate.  She died in 1901 and is buried in grave 13. 

Louisa fell on hardtimes after her mother's death.  In the 1911 census she is recorded as an unmarried teacher of music living at St Giles workhouse in London. We think she died in 1925 in Wandsworth London.

Rachel is listed in the 1911 census as unmarried and a visitor in Ramsgate.  We are unable to trace any more records. 

Simeon  (Sydney) became a 'traveller in mock jewellery' married to Blanche, an Australian, and travelled frequently between New York, Cape Town and London where he lived. He died in 1933 in Ilford. 

Census records
  1851   3c  Torwood Rd   Torquay
Name | Age
  1861   14  Strand   Tomorham, Torquay, Devon
Name | Age
  1871   5  Victoria Place   Tomorham, Torquay
Name | Age
Associated addresses
  1873-1889   6  Broad Street   Bath
  Kate Aaron: Dealer in Antique Plate