Grave 74

Frances Herman

1803  – 1860

[Hebrew illegible]

Frances Herman was born Frances Rebecca Hoch in 1803 in  Neustadt Poland/Prussia. She was married to Samuel Herman (father Judah) who was born in Kronin, Russia, in 1828.

They had  three children, all born in Russia: Abraham David who was born in Kronin, in 1828, Rose, also born in Kronin in 1831, and Phoebe who was born in Babiak in 1841.
There are no records of their early life or how they came to England, but by the 1851 census the family as living in 51 Killgrew St, Falmouth Cornwall. Samuel is recorded as Rabbi of the Falmouth Congregation, Abraham David as a Bookbinder and Pheobe as a scholar. 

Although Samuel is recorded as the Reader for the Bath Community in 1856, it is likely he was just visiting Bath when his son Abraham David Herman, Jewish Rabbi living in  Falmouth, married Ester Cohen living 8 Kingston Buildings  in Bath in 1856. However by 1858-9 Samuel is listed in the Bath City Directory at this address as Minister of the Hebrew Congregation and teacher of Hebrew and German. 

Perhaps the family moved to Bath because of Frances's health? She died in Bath in February 1860 after three  years of continuous bronchitis.
After her death, the Chief Rabbi supported Samuel's move to Sheffield. It is not known for certain if he did secure a post there, but in the 1861 census Abraham, occupation Jewish Minister,  and his wife Ester  are recorded as visitors in Sheffield.

Samuel's daughter Phoebe remained in Sheffield where she married Harris Cohen a watchmaker in 1862 and had three children. Samuel went to Australia with his second wife Sarah Jacob, arriving on 23 January 1864 in Port Philips Bay, and was the Jewish minister in Ballarat and then Geelong.
His daughter Rose, who married in 1853, followed him sometime between 1854 and 1856. Both died in Australia, Samuel in 1879, and Rose, survived by four children in Ballarat in 1906. Abraham and Ester lived in London where they had three children. Abraham died in Hackney in 1907.

Census records
  1851   51  Killgrew Street    Falmouth
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  1856-1860   8   Kingston   Building
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