Grave 75

Abraham Rees

1760  – 1845

Here lies buried
Mr Abraham son of Dov HaLevi died  
day Friday 9 Shevat at 85 years
 buried and went to eternal rest day Sunday 11 of
the year 605 small counting 
May his soul be bound up in the bond of life eternal

ר אברהם בר דוד הלוי נפטר
יום ט שבט בן שמונים וחמש שנים
נקבר והלך לעולמו ביום א יא בו
שנת תרה לפק 


Born in Poland, Abraham came to London with his brothers Daniel (Jeweller), Wolf (draper), and Solomon (jeweller) and sister Sophia. They prospered and soon moved from the East End to Westminster and joined the congregation of the Western Synagogue. 

Abraham ran a tailors and drapers in St Martins Lane (1799) and then at 28 The Strand, London. He had a number of investments including shares in the Waterloo Bridge Company. Abraham were both active member of the congregation of the Western Synagogue, London. In 1815 he lent the Western Synagogue London £400 for the purchase of Brompton Road Cemetery and he lent £1000 in 1824 towards a new synagogue building in St Albans Place which opened in 1826. 

By 1837, when Abraham is listed in the electoral register,  he had retired to Bath, to live  at 20 Bathwick Street. In 1840 at the age of 80 he married Hannah (Philips) a much younger woman, and three years later in June 1842 their son, called Daniel after Abraham's brother who died earlier in that year, was born in Bath.
Abraham died at the age of 84 of 'paralysis'. He provided in his will for his wife  Hannah and son Daniel who were still living at 20 Bathwick Street in the 1851 census.  

By the 1861 census they are living in London. Hannah is recorded in the 1871 census living at 54 Elgin Avenue, London. Daniel never married. He died aged 34 in August 1876 at the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum Wokingham. Hannah remained in London where she died in July 1878. In her will she left her estate to be divided between her sisters  and asked her sister Sarah Moss to "have placed over the grave my late dear son Daniel Rees a suitable stone and inscription to be paid for out of my estate before division amongst my legatees. " We do know why  Daniel was admitted to Broadmoor or if he is buried in the grounds of the hospital or if Hannah claimed his body. . 

Associated addresses
  1842-1845   2   Bathwick St   Bath
  House where Abraham and his Brother lived. Abraham's wife Hannah and his son Daniel continued to live there until the mid 180s
  1851-1980   4  Upper St   Islington, London