Grave 92

Betsy Durclacher

1765 – 1818

Unmarked grave

Betsy Harris was born in Birmingham in 1765. She married Solomon Abraham Durlacher who was born in Karlsruhe in 1757 and came to England in the 1780s. Their only son Lewis was born in 1792 in Warwickshire. 

There is no trace of their early life before 1801 when the London City Directories list  Solomon Abraham  as living in London at 18 Wardour Street until 1806. In 1808 Dr Durlacher 'Surgeon Dentist and Corn-Operator' advertised his surgery at 2 Union Street Bath in the Bath Chronicle

By 1814 the Durlachers had moved to 7 York Street where Mrs Durlacher also attended to 'ladies only: for the eradication of corns, treatment of nails grown into the flesh, removal of bunions, speedy relief of chilblains and toothache instantly cured'. They also had a branch at Cheltenham and seem to have travelled frequently between the two cities. 

Betsy's death on 3 April 1818 aged 53 was reported in Baldwins London Weekly. There is no record of where she was buried but it is very likely that she is buried in Bath in one of the now broken or missing headstones. 
Solomon Abraham Durlacher returned to live in London after his wife death. However in the 1841 he is living in Cheltenham.  He died in London in 1845

Lewis moved to London in 1816 and opened his own surgery. He married Susannah Levy at the London Western Synagogue in 1820. They had four sons and a daughter. Lewis's surgery and the family home was 15 Burlington Street London. 

Lewis had a very successful career becoming the chiropodist to George 1V, William 1V, and Queen Victoria. 

He died in London in 1864 and Susannah died also in London in 1874. 
Associated addresses
 1808-1814  2 Union Street  Bath
Dr and Mrs Durlacher
Betsy Durclacher 
Solomon Durlacher 
 1814-1819  7 York Steet  Bath
Betsy Durclacher 
Solomon Durlacher 
Betsy Durclacher