Grave 93

Julia Phillips

1766 – 1845

Unmarked grave

Julia, possibly born in 1776,  married Moses Phillips in 1796 in the Great Synagogue in London. They lived in London where from 1807 to 1832 Moses is registered in City Directories as a Clothes Salesman at 91 Rosemary Lane. 

They had eight daughters. One of their daughters, Sarah at age 32 married Isaac Davidson,  a jeweller from Falmouth, in Bath on 27 March 1839.  Moses Phillips witnessed their marriage and the family's address is registered as 19 Daniel Street though they are not listed there in the 1841 census. 

We don't know why Julia came to Bath, perhaps for the health benefits of the thermal spa and to be looked after by her eldest daughter Rebecca who in 1822 married Elijah Solomon and lived in Bath during the 1840s.
She died of long term inflation of the lungs in 1845. There is no burial record but it is very likely that she was buried in one of the graves where the tombstone is now missing or indecipherable.