Points of interest

Hole in the wall

In 1990, a couple parked next to the shop - then a butchers - on the other side of Bradford Rd. Arriving back in the car they seem to have had an argument of such ferocity that they reversed their car straight back over the road and into the cemetery wall. 

A Council drawing shows the damage:

old drawing showing hole in wall

After some dispute involving uninsured events, the wall was repaired by the Council, but their contractor did not follow the specification laid down, and then went out of business before the work could be remedied.

So a few years later the Council had to interviene again by covering the side of the wall along Bradford Rd with chicken wire supported by wooden battens. This held back the steady fall of decayed masonry, but was very unsightly and as time went by the accumulation of fallen matter became steadily more unstable.

In 2021 the Friends held an appeal titled 'Mend the Wall', and with the generous help both of individuals and the Council, to whose Community Improvement Fund we successfully appealed, the £9000 needed for the repair of the outside part was raised.

This of course leaves the insde length of wall, which itself is also badly in need of repair, like the others, and are a major concern to the Friends. 

We plan future fundraising to enable this work to be done.